CentrePiece in 2014

CentrePiece in 2014

I came across a short Fox News video clip the other day that really encouraged me.  The title of the clip was, “Hollywood – Is 2014 the year of the Bible?”  In watching it they shared about the coming major films in 2014, starting with “Noah” starring Russell Crowe, another movie named “Exodus” that is being produced by famed producer Ridley Scott.  Also there is talk of another move take on the life of Moses called “Gods and Kings” that Steven Spielberg was considering directing, but sadly couldn’t do it due to work on other films.  Finally a movie called “Mary” about the mother of Jesus, by the same Italian director who had done Dr. Zhivago many years ago that is currently available.

I think it’s a true sign of Hollywood waking up to the fact that the Bible is the best action book every written, full of every conceivable plot imaginable!  More than that, movie goers are “voting with their feet” by going to movies more and more that support good family values, and Hollywood is sitting up and taking notice.

But that statement, “2014, the year of the Bible,” has really struck me deep in my spirit.  I felt it was truly prophetic and my spirit began to spin and twirl with expectancy; I don’t know how else to put it.

I mean every new year, people put out blurb about this and that, but somehow this coming 2014 IS different!  I sense the Lord is going to release huge oceans of His ‘fresh’ grace upon His people.  I sense His relentless pursuit of us.  His overwhelming depths of His love coming in mighty waves, one after the other, until we’re drenched and sodden through and through.

For the first time I find myself saying, as many others have in the past, that I’m expecting legitimate breakthroughs in all areas.  I EXPECT growth in the church!  I EXPECT healing miracles to flow!  I EXPECT finances to come to make great provision for our projects and dreams!  All I know is that my “EXPECTER” has jumped up to the max on it’s guage!  2014, the year that God’s Holy Word comes crashing into planet Earth and revealing right and wrong more than ever before, but also when the outpouring of Father’s love becomes more and more seen and experienced!  2014, the year of the Bible!

In prayer this morning the word “Centerpiece” kept coming up in my spirit as well.  I felt the Lord saying like never before, that Christ is to be the centerpiece of our homes, once and for all.  That God’s Holy word is the centerpiece from which we all take our directions.  That we move no where, and do nothing, without first waiting upon His Spirit’s leading.

We really MUST begin living from our heart, where His Spirit dwells, instead of leaning upon our own understanding.  No matter how fast the world seems to be moving, we need to MAKE ourselves slow down, and listen for His voice.  Its no good time to be making more bad decisions!  This is the year to mean it.  To actually rise up and do it.  No more slacking; no more wandering.  We LET the Lord lead us to the “wealthy place” that has always been waiting for us, just around the corner called obedience.  We let Him truly be the centerpiece of everything!

I tell you there’s an unction from heaven available now, to take us through to the next levels of divine life.  Find yourself a quiet place and think on these things.  Then rise up and declare and decree them, that they might be established!  This is the time to move forward in faith.  This is the hour to rise up, and truly take hold of God’s promises, that we might be a blessing to those around us.  This is the time, the “kairos” of God, that “moment” when the numbers on the lock front have had the final number entered, and we hear the “click” that says UNLOCKED.

May Christ be made the centerpiece of YOUR life in this New Year of 2014!  The year of the Bible….   Yes….