Church – Week 1

Church – Week 1

Church is to be an expression of the government of heaven. Where this Kingdom government is found, there will also be confused people finding peace, ill people finding health, the solitary finding community and friendship, and correction coming from kindness.

However, somehow many have been more converted to church than Christ, and have developed stronger relationship with doctrine and structure than with the person of Jesus. Enter the law; exit the grace of God in Jesus Christ. It happened subtly, almost unperceivable, due to the loss of vision of Jesus Christ as the Lover of our souls. God Almighty however, will not abandon His church or His people. He will gather them in His arms, and shepherd them to green pastures. This, He promises to do.

Father, forgive us for making church something other than a place of adoration of Jesus Your Son, and the outworking of His amazing grace on the cross of Calvary. I make the choice today to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I will seek to know You, more than to know about You. I will not run from Your voice, but will run to Your voice. I pray our church will become a place of release, and not a place of containment. Bring us the halt, the lame, and the broken, and we Oh God, in Your Name, and with the help of Your Holy Spirit, will do our best to bring healing and freedom to them, and send them out whole into a broken world. May our church change our community, and speak life to its neighbours in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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