Commonwealth Church

Commonwealth Church

We’re on a mission; to spread good news and unconditional love.

We believe that church is for everyone, no matter what. Our aim is to create a place that gives you permission to dream and we live by these simple statements:

  • When God said to love one another, He meant it.
  • When God said to worship Him in spirit and in truth, He meant it.
  • When God said His house would be a joyful house of prayer, He meant it.
  • When God said to earnestly covet the gifts of the Spirit, He meant it.
  • When God said He had given us authority over all the power of the enemy, He meant it.
  • When God said to go into all the world and make disciples, He meant it.

Through His grace, His strength and His anointings, our goal is to be a company of believers who flow voluntarily with these values, who diligently seek the Father’s heart at all times, and who intentionally live lives of celebration, sacrifice and praise.

If this feels good in your spirit, we’d love to have you with us on this incredible journey of faith, until He comes again.




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