Relationships – Week 1

Relationships – Week 1

Think about it. It can be argued that all creation took place because God wanted relationship. He made mankind. It must be pretty high up on His list then…

Whatever area of life – marriage, family, work or church, our enemy chips away at relationships. Why? Simple. Where there is quality in relationship, there is quality in communication. Where there is quality in communication, there is quality in effectiveness. Power and production come from strong relationship. Together is always more powerful than alone.

Father, In Jesus Name I refuse to let my ability to truly relate to others be contaminated by hell and its strategies against me. I choose rather to walk in the love of God, and believe the best. I choose not to answer a matter, before I hear the fullness of it. And even then, I choose to entertain only thoughts that are good and honest, pure and lovely, and to seek the best for people. Lord, you’ve called me to imitate You, and I know that Your mercy and goodness endure forever. May the loving-kindness You’ve showered me with, be exemplified through my life to others, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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