Finances – Week 1

Finances – Week 1

God has given His promise that those who follow Him shall not want. While we may go through times of horrific privation, remember that we will go through them; not stay in them. Throughout all scripture it can be proven that the sequenced ordered outcome of righteous living always produced an abundance of provision.

God doesn’t want the 10% or 50% or 100%, as He has no need but to have love returned to Him. He would like to be honoured for what He has done. Giving to the things of God is rooted in just that, understanding that all things come from Him, and that He is the Giver of every good gift. We’re commanded to “honour the Lord,” and that principle bridges completely both the old and the new covenants.

Father You have promised that You would withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly before You. Your Son came that we might have life to the ful, till it overflows. I know that lack is not Your will for my life. Where I have not honoured You, forgive me. Where I have not put You first place in my life, forgive me. I know that You are not a hard taskmaster. You’ve promised that if I would sow, I would reap. I know that You will not be mocked in that truth. Therefore I choose to sow, and sow again and again, knowing that You abide faithful. You are my provider, my El Shaddai, and I know that You are leading me into pleasant places that I might be a blessing to many. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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