Leadership – Week 2

Leadership – Week 2

In James 3:1 the scripture gives an admonition to “be not many masters” or teachers, “knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” It spoke of those whose authority or anointing drew large numbers of listeners to them, and therefore followers. Of course Paul spoke strongly in the pastoral epistles of the responsibilities, moral and otherwise, of those who hold an office for God.

Leadership is not a thing to be lightly considered. A much greater place of accountability is put upon the shoulders of those who lead, which is only natural. A much more refined form of temptations and trials also comes upon those in leadership. Thereby the very real need for leaders to be consistently lifted in prayer to God. One of the most ancient and easily understood strategies of our enemy is found in the simple verses that tell us that when the shepherd is smitten, the sheep will scatter (Zech 13:7; Matthew 26:31; Mark 14:7). True leaders have thunderous trials and temptations. It comes with the territory. They need our prayers, not our criticisms.

Lord today I bless my spiritual leaders who You’ve appointed to watch over my soul. May they be strengthened today in their inner man by Your Spirit. I ask that today You would grant them a supernatural peace and protection from all the wiles of the enemy. May they have a guard over their heart today from the slanders and arrows that would seek to wound them and bring them low. I pray that You would bless their families mightily too, Oh Lord. Cause their home to become a peaceable habitation, where they can hear Your voice with clarity. Thank You oh Lord, for Godly leaders over my life, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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