Leadership – Week 1

Leadership – Week 1

Leadership is not ownership, but stewardship. God spoke and said He bestowed gifts upon men, and these gifts were varied; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Any who occupy such offices of spiritual leadership does so due to God’s grace and gift to them. The office is God’s to give, and man’s to steward well.

God will never give responsibility without also providing with it the authority to carry it out. Where more responsibility is accepted, authority levels increase. Look afresh at the responsibilities God has truly offered to you, and if you accept them, then know that there is God’s authority backing you up to carry it out.

Father, teach me how to go in and out and find green pasture for those under my area of influence. I declare today that You are my source of wisdom and creativity. I will read many books, and pore over many studies, but above all I will approach Your throne in humility and ask for a good heart to shepherd Your people. Keep my soul back from any presumptuous sin, and as I hear You speak, grant me great boldness to carry out Your will. In Jesus, Name; Amen.

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