Media – Week 1

Media – Week 1

Publishing began in scripture. Proclamation of daily events has occurred throughout history through town criers and couriers. There was a day when to intentionally communicate a falsehood meant loss of work, if not loss of life. While there is only one absolute source of truth, the Word of God without one lie in it, many listen to the louder voices of man through television, newspapers and other forms of media.

Nevertheless God is releasing scribes and wise men to stand against the floodtide of pessimism, and report that God is alive and doing wonders. As the greater percentage of the world listens to the world’s report, it is crucial that we as the Body of Christ beseech heaven for the release of honourable and noble men and women of journalism.

Father, we’re so sorry for the many lies that are told about You in different forms of media. These do not know You, or Your ways, or they would not dare speak and write such things. You are an all merciful God however, and we ask You in Jesus Name to bring great release to the media world. Birth many Godly men and women who will speak for truth and not sell out for profit. I pray that you will release Godly men who will write as the oracles of heaven, and that Your anointing will be so evident upon their work, that the mouths of all adversaries will be silenced. We pray for Your people too Father, that they will never believe the report of the world, but rather the report of the Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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