Media – Week 2

Media – Week 2

I was deeply impacted by a statement Rick Joyner said at one of our conferences. He spoke of how part of God’s end time strategy that is being missed by many, is that He is releasing “wise men and scribes” to the Body of Christ. We’re so busy trying to define apostles and prophets sometimes that we miss old fashioned wise men that God may have sent into our midst, that maybe don’t hold an “officially” recognized office, at least not one that is recognized by men.

I believe its true, that God is anointing men and women like never before to write and communicate wisdom that comes from the anointing of the Holy Spirit, in diverse forms. Whether it be prose or poetry, fact or fiction, there is already incredible pools to drink from that will change a life for God. I admit unashamedly, that in the last few years I’ve read Christian fiction that has drawn me closer to Jesus, than a thousand sermons. Don’t miss the wise men and scribes who may be in your midst. Don’t miss the ones in your bookshop either.

Father I pray for those who may feel they have nothing to offer. I know that you have many hidden scribes out there. Many wise men who You’ve kept free from the snares of religion and bathed in Your presence. I pray that they would be released to write books and poetry and music unto the glory of Your Kingdom. Bring them forth quickly Oh Lord. So many won’t come toYour house, but they will read of Your glory at home. Let these writers lift their hands to heaven and receive fresh oil to pour upon the gifts You’ve placed within them. Let them COME FORTH in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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