Nations – Week 1

Nations – Week 1

When I think of nations I can’t help but remember that they are but a drop in a bucket to God. Think about that. How huge is God’s scope of vision? How utterly immense is His authority over all of creation? While it may be very difficult for any of us to imagine, God can save a nation, in a solitary day.

The familiar passage in Isaiah 59 reminds us that God was looking for just one man who would stand up for truth, and of His amazement that none could be found. One man or woman can make a difference. They always have. All it takes is the strength to bow a knee, and call upon the Name that is above every other name.

Father, I thank you that nothing is too big for You. Nothing can compare with Your power and wisdom. Today I lift my voice to You, that You would be exalted in this nation. I pray that the leaders of this nation would honour and exalt Your Name, and that Your righteousness would be manifested in the market places of this great land. In Jesus’ Name we stand against the foolish dark powers that think they will triumph over You! Nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand against You Oh God, for You are mighty to deliver Your people. Our prayer oh Lord is that You would indeed make haste to deliver, and shine upon this land with Your glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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